Pictures from the buildning of the Thorn F1

Here are some pitctures from the building of the Thorn F1. First som cutting of particle board in my back yard.

I found it pretty useful to do a 1:1 drawing of the horn on one of the horn sides. That made the rest of the build much easier when it comes to fit pieces and drill holes at the correct places.

Cutting the hole for the driver

Starting off with the internal structure.

When you have drawn where all the pieces are going to be, it is very easy to pre drill holes for the screws. I don’t think it is necessary to use screws when you glue it together but the assembly gets a lot easier and doesn’t require as many clamps.

Some bracing and “baffle” in place

A simple and easy way (Q&D) to fasten the driver. I don’t think I would recommend this sulotion for permanent use. At least not without proper washer’s…

More bracing.

Time to put the last side on.

I used Polyutherane based glue which I think is excellent for this kind of wood working. It expands and creates nice foam that seals any cracks or bad fitting between the panels. One should be very careful with getting it on the skin because I stains the skin and is impossible to get rid of.



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